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Amyst – Rolling In The Deep, An Adele Screamo Metal Cover. Shaun A Leggott`s Introduction.


**TUBERBUSINESSMUSIC** < link from “Read More”. Tuber Business is not related to videos here in, except by inclusion. This is an intro Post. However, other copy included in Posts is unaltered except occasionally for optimization ————

Screamo Covers – Amyst – Rolling In The Deep – An Adele Screamo Cover

Check out their other songs too! The guys seem to be popular with screamo covers as this Post has received as many views as the others there there is leading interest. Even though there was hardly and copy. However, it was a chance for me to add copy then optimize it for the search engnes. Within this ir drows interest to other inclusions also. Time limits research, I use – screamo videos – as a the keyword

Hi! I am Shaun A Leggott. A quick thank you to those who enter Amazon US through my websites. If you hit the RED TAG on the top left of any of the screamo videos included, it will take you to the goodies 4000 + product store! As said elsewhere, I make a small commission from products through the links!

Like yourselves I look to earn a few dollars, it keeps me in social trips to Starbucks etc. So in our earnings from what we do we are as one, lookin for the “big break” perhaps!? Please note that the singular links, as e.g. the BATES MOTEL horror full set below each of the screamo videos will not show with an AD BLOCKER On in your browser. Default Chrome and Firefox are fine.

Ooops update! Actually due to the perhaps intracacies of the Internet , I see the link To Amazn US below the videos isn`t now leading you directly to Bates Motel. But You can, of course, quickly find it from there.. It is a good watch!      

It is like the butterfly effect, I Hitchcock did not direct the movie Psycho, Bates Motel would not have happened.. unless there is a more innocuous Bates Motel around of course! 

I use ad blockers mostly. It is quite annoying when watching bands play within Tube when interupted by ads! The METAL MUSIC MANUAL might interest ye? It is linked from the page above, You cannot miss it. Sorry, actually I`ve remove the link, but it is still available..

 I observes ready copy and links related to each screamo music video entry. This is partly to avoid infringing any music copyright or other objections. Thus abiding by “fair usage” associated with the music videos here-in. Any objection from related persons I will, of course take it, or them, out.. I mean the videos of course.. 

Following along the yada yada cliche: I do not own any of the videos included in Blistering Guitars Com. By including music videos I assume I become a third party. Generally both individuals and groups, who create videos, look for several ways to become further know. e.g. request likes or requests to subscribe to a channel. So within this site I offer another vehicle to become furhter known!

The links that are included with the music videos, e.g. Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram etc, remain with the videos, even though it might be necassary to copy and paste to access. But them, if interest is genuane, this is what visitors will do anyway. It might weed out casual passing interest. Noooo use to man nor beast (Scottish accent..) !

Unfortunately some videos include very little contact details. Sometimes it seems non at all, unless within the music video themselves. A fresh copy inclusio of at least 200 words helps my SEO, but pref just over 300, should you contribute screamo videos. I will be including social links to my sites soon, but you can add a link somewhere I would hardly object! 

Email to Shaun A Leggott (Me)

Most of the music videos are modern cover music recordings and mashups of same, also karaoke. Some are not complete as I update – Feb 22nd 2018. Where does one stop, e.g. how long is a piece of string?.. That question goes back decades! 

MashupAllSongs – HorrorAtHomegigs – TopFratTopics –

ModernKaraokeHits – CoverSongLists – SocialMusicSurrounds – GraffitiTrains –

HearAmbientMusic – ElevatedChampions – CaptureExtreme

Please note images I include within copy are licensed assets through Adobe. Please do not copy and paste. The Adobe hounds bite!     Tag: screamo videos


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