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Blistering Guitars Policy Policy:  The Blistering Guitars website builder, Shaun A Leggott will respect the privacy rights of visitors and other users who visit this website. This Policy to give you confidence as you visit and use the site.

This Policy is only applicable to Blistering Guitars and not related to other websites that are linked within. Other websites may have data collection and use practices and policies that differ materially from this Policy.

Blistering Guitars is promote towards an adult audience. It is not directly targeting audiences where viewers might be under the age of 13 years of age; pursuant to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.

From time to time products might be included that are intended to reach a buying audience of people over 18 years of age, e.g. alcohol related food products.

Basic information collected: In operating Blistering Guitars personal information is collected from you in different ways. An email contact page might be included at some stage.

If you should contact us via a contact page you will be asked to provide your name and email address.

Your name and email address will not be shared with a 3rd party, or 3rd parties without your written agreement. An example might apply within music where people prefer to limit their contact details. If you leave a comment to a blog post you will be asked for a name and other information.

By doing so you can reasonably expect to be added to the mailing list at some point in respect of Blistering Guitars. If you object to this, don`t add a comment, or comments.

You`re are not required to provide information to use the Blistering Guitars website.

Additional information collected: Servers will automatically recognize a visitors domain name and IP address; each identifying individual computers. No personal information about you is revealed in this process.

Blistering Guitars will track, through a traffic data graph, different incoming traffic locations for marketing purposes. The graph, or visitor number count, will not personally identify you, but that may be helpful for future marketing.

At some stage Blistering Guitars may use the standard “cookies” feature of many modern browser applications. This allows the storage of a small piece of data on your computer about your visit to our site.

These are small files are, as said, known as “cookies”. Cookies help to learn which areas of websites are useful and which areas need improvement through programs.

We may also use cookies from third party social sites and programs, e.g. Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. You can choose to disable cookies through your browser or independent programs available online.

However, if you choose to disable cookies. By disabling you might find some features might not work as they were intended.

Affiliate Income: Blistering Guitars is built to include information mostly related to music videos within rock and pop music. In addition the site includes access to physical products, also one or more downloadable digital products.

From this I do not receive email addresses or mailing addresses from people who purchase from this website.

From sales made the website builder, Shaun A Leggott (i.e. myself) will eventually take (and appreciate) a relatively small commission on each sale.

Blistering Guitars will not disclose the personally identifiable information to any third parties other than those that are used to facilitate the functioning of the site such as a hosting company server or, as stated above.

If an email capture page is used, visitors will have the option of “opting out”at any point.

Blistering Guitars may disclose information held if required to do so by law or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary. This conforms to the edicts of the law or comply within the served legal process..

Blistering Guitars has strong security measures in place to prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information that is obtained. However, during operation of the website the site make no assurances about our ability to prevent any such loss to you, or to any third party, however they arise.

If visiting websites linked from with Blistering Guitars it is the responsibility of the visitors to review the privacy policies at those websites. This clarifies that you understand and agree with their practices should you continue to access details on the linked websites, this includes social websites.

Blistering Guitars reserves the right, at any time, to add to, change, update, or modify. An updated Policy will reflect any changes within the website that are not covered at present.

You may then choose whether you wish to accept said policy changes or discontinue using the site.

Please observe that Blistering Guitars uses images from my personal library of assets. These images are licensed through Adobe. Please do not copy and paste any of the Adobe from this website.

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